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Welcome to my site!


I’m Sergio de Prado a.k.a sergeeo.

I’m a sound designer, music composer, event organizer and videogame tinkerer.

This site is a collection of links about my works and projects.¬†I’m always interested in working on new games and products, so don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thanks for your visit!

Mobile Games

Hobbyist projects


  • I organize Familiar Game Jam since its beginning in 2013 every six months!
  • Familiar Game Camp was a weekend full of gamedev workshops in 2015
  • Familiar Forever was a Ludum Dare local event, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the world’s biggest game jam.
  • IndieTalk is a local¬†meeting of indie developers with post-mortems and technical talks.
  • Game Bevelopers is a casual monthly gamedev meeting.

Random Media

Social Media / Contact